your Great Escape~~~

While there are other bigger and more commercial boating experiences available to visitors and locals to the Ottawa Region, Ottawa Yacht Tours offers a smaller, intimate and more personal experience unmatched by any other. You’ll feel like a good friend or just part of our family when you come aboard and discover Ottawa on the water with us.

feel Extraordinary~~~

There is something utterly therapeutic, we’ve discovered, and unmatched about lounging, on a yacht, underway on water, under a warm sun, on a hot summer day, gently rocked by endless waves while listening to good music, and with a cold drink in hand, thinking about nothing and just being in the moment. This is meant to be shared.

Ottawa yacht is like a floating summer cottage that navigates on the beautiful Ottawa river. We adore meeting new people, making new friends, and sharing the indulgence of the amazing experience navigating the river and seeing the beauty of Ottawa.

Captain Erik


I strive to keep the yacht in immaculate condition. I’ve lived in the National Capital Region for 37 years, and navigated the Ottawa-Outaouais river for 7 years. I’m fluent in English, et en français, mature, responsible, and eager to give people an exiting and memorable tour on my yacht. I have had a pleasure craft operator certification for 7 years, and am working to obtain my small vessel operator proficiency certification before summer 2021.

First Mate Gen

Self-Proclaimed Beach bum

I have a passion for water and vitamin sea! Born and raised in the National Capital Region, I have travelled the world and am always excited to meet new people. Fluent in English and French, I can also muster a bit of Spanish if needed. I am always proud to show my city to visitors. Ask me anything during the tour, it will be my pleasure to answer you.

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TC Registration & TC Small Vessel Compliance Enrollment ~~~

Ottawa Yacht is registered as a small passenger vessel with Transport Canada’s Small Vessel Registry, Certificate Number C30580ON.

Ottawa Yacht is also enrolled in Transport Canada’s Small Vessel Compliance Program, Blue Decal Number 2504357.