Tours should start Friday, May 28, 2021, and continue until Sunday, October 10. Most tours take place from Wednesdays to Sundays, and tours on Labour Day (Sept 6, 2021) happen on Monday. Dinner +Tour for 2 are can be booked Mondays to Wednesday nights (remaining week nights are reserved for larger groups).
You can use the Reserve Tour page on this site, or call us directly, or visit AirBnB Experiences, TripAdvisor Things To Do, or Expedia Things To Do.
50% deposit is required to reserve your tour. 50% balance is due prior to departure. If you reserved directly with Ottawa Yacht tours, please send an email money transfer to or pay with cash when boarding. If you booked directly through AirBnB, TripAdvisor, or Expedia, your payment should already be made on their platform.
You may want to call us ahead of time at (343) 550-0175, to confirm the tour is happening and that there is space on board.
Yes, especially for weekend tours, and for Canada Day or Casino Fireworks tours, which are very popular and fill up fast and early.
Except for tours with food: for a tour that has guests already booked and is not fully booked, you may book up to the time of departure; and for a tour that does not yet have guests booked, you must book at least 3 hours in advance (so we may get to the yacht and prepare it). For tours with food, you must book at least 3 days in advance so we can order the food prepared by the caterer.
At the Marina Jacques Cartier, situated on the Quebec side of the River. The yacht docks at the marina, where boarding and disembarking take place.
Yes. Please advise as soon as possible when booking of any dietary need, of any food intolerance, or of any food allergy.
Cancelling well advance assures you get a full refund. A full refund, however, may not be possible if, for example, you booked tour with a meal or charcuterie board and we already ordered for your food, or if the yacht left (with other guests) without you because you were late.
Refer to the Tour web-page for details about what is included on every tour, and where you will find a chart comparing tours. For more information specific to a tour, refer to that tour's web-page.
Normally 10 shipmates per tour, although up to 12 is possible.
Many tours are booked by a combination of different guests. To respect those guests who arrive on time, and because other time-related factors often apply (e.g. the time of sunset, start of fireworks, or a subsequent tour), the yacht will depart on time according to schedule, unless the tour is booked exclusively by your group and the group is late.
Gratuities are not expected, but welcomed and entirely at your discretion.
Free parking is available on Ruelle du Como, which is behind houses that run along Rue Jacques-Cartier, which is the street where the marina is situated.