With 7 nights only, you know these exclusive tours will sell out quickly. Come experience this spectacular show, casting the absolute best in pyrotechnic art that lights up the sky

Summer long weekends are meant for letting loose and that is what this tour is all about. On long weekends, Ottawa Yacht goes astray. Picture this… Two yachts, anchored together

Have you been so consumed with work or school commitments? Set aside an evening to put things back in balance. Cruising on one of our yachts after dark is the perfect relax and unw

Did you know, with sunscreen, a day in the sun allows our bodies to soak up just the right amount of Vitamin D. So, why not join us for a warm sun-filled afternoon on the Ottawa Ri

Yacht tours are just plain good for the soul. The sense of peace and tranquility that can be restored to you while gently rocking on the waves is undeniable. As the dusk-light fill