Fireworks Parliament Rockcliffe

Fireworks Tours

With 7 nights only, you know these exclusive tours will sell out quickly.

Come experience this spectacular show, casting the absolute best in pyrotechnic art that lights up the sky.

The fireworks are launched from a platform on the Ottawa River, so you can’t get much closer than being on our private yachts. And we’ve got kicker sound systems for the music, so you can hear every note.


Our 2.5-hour Fireworks tours are only available on these 7 exclusive nights:

  1. Saturday, July 1
  2. Wednesday, August 2
  3. Saturday, August 5
  4. Wednesday, August 9
  5. Saturday, August 12
  6. Wednesday, August 16
  7. Saturday, August 19

These tours start 30 minutes before sunset

$ 149

/per passenger

Online booking fee applies. GST+QST extra.


wine • coolers • beer

Buy wine/Prosecco (by the bottle) at booking checkout; or buy wine/Prosecco (by the glass), coolers, or beer while on board.


Add any of these options at booking checkout.

750ml bottle of Pinot Grigios

750ml bottle of Sauvignon Blanc

750ml bottle of Prosecco

Gourmet sandwich (choice of 5) + home chips, from Le Pirate restaurant

Charcuterie box-for-two, from Le Pirate restaurant


We’ve a great selection of drinks sold individually on board.


Bottled water

Sparkling water

Selection of sodas

Orange juice

Selection of Clever mocktails


Selection of wine, by the glass (6oz, 9oz)

Selection of mixed coolers

Corona & Stella Artois

Selection of premium alcohol


Dock boarding fee

Passenger insurance

Licensed Captain

Certified First Mate

Full service


Bluetooth stereo connectivity

Stellar sound system

Spotify playlists

Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped washroom

Cell charging USBs


Your own beverage or food


Smoking or vaping


High heels


Spray-on sunscreen

Balloons or confetti


Responsible drinking is a must for passenger safety.

We provide a complete safety briefing before each tour.

Our yachts are fully equipped to ensure passenger safety and security.

Our Captains are fully trained & qualified (Transport Canada approved SVOP & MED3A certifications).

Our First Mates are fully trained and qualified (Transport Canada approved Marine First Aid certification).

We have a life vest for every passenger and crew.

We have a complete First Aid Kit.

We regularly sanitized high-traffic areas, gear & equipment between use.

Our crew regularly wash their hands. 

We encourage contactless payments for tours, add-ons, and gratuities.



3 hour tour

– leaves at 1 PM
– 5 holiday dates only:

Sun. May 21 — Victoria Day
Sun. Jun 25 — St John Baptiste
Sat. Jul 1 — Canada Day
Sun. Aug 6 — ON Civic Holiday
Sun. Sep 3 — Labour Day


3 hour tour

– departs at 1 PM
– 5 holiday dates only:

Sun. May 21 — Victoria Day
Sun. Jun 25 — St John Baptiste
Sat. Jul 1 — Canada Day
Sun. Aug 6 — ON Civic Holiday
Sun. Sep 3 — Labour Day


3 hour tour

– leaves at 1 PM
– 5 holiday dates only:

Sun. May 21 — Victoria Day
Sun. Jun 25 — St John Baptiste
Sat. Jul 1 — Canada Day
Sun. Aug 6 — ON Civic Holiday
Sun. Sep 3 — Labour Day

Fireworks Parliament Rockcliffe

Fireworks Tours

Departure Times

Arrive 10-15 minutes before departure.

Both yachts leave the marina no later than: 7:30 PM.

Duration of each tour — 2 hours, but could be up to 3 hours depending on when fireworks start.


Unless you privately chartered the yacht(s), if you are late, departure time will not change to respect other passengers.

If you are late and the yacht departs without you, a refund will not be provided.


Marina Jacques Cartier (default location)
across street from Le Pirate Rest-O-Bord restaurant
1067 Jacques Cartier Street, in Gatineau, Quebec

Map Pinclick here for marina location

Free parking

Map Pinclick here for parking location

Port de plaisance, Parc Jacques-Cartier (advanced request required for this location)
at very end of wharf between Alexandra Bridge and Hull Marina
160 Laurier Street, Gatineau, Quebec

Map Pinclick here for wharf location

$ paid parking

Map Pinclick here for parking location

Returning Times

Both yachts return to the marina no later than: 10:30 PM.

Disembarking & Leaving Docks

So that we may have enough time to prepare our yacht(s) for the next tour, and welcome our next guests, we thank you for disembarking the yacht with the least delay possible, and also leaving the docks if disembarking at the marina.

Tour Location

Fireworks Parliament Rockcliffe

Fireworks Tours

We're proud to share what our passengers think about their experiences with us on this amazing tour.


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Fireworks Parliament Rockcliffe

Fireworks Tours

To bring
  • Proof of Covid-19 double vaccination.
  • Valid photo ID.
  • Passport, if non-Canadian nationals.
  • Camera — for great selfies & bragging rights.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing.
  • USB phone charging cable.
  • Your playlists, if booking a private charter.
  • Cash, if you'd like to give a gratuity.

To know

Accessibility is not universal on our yachts.

Alcohol is sold on our yachts. The 1st drink / passenger is free. Must be 18 years or older. Valid photo ID required. You may not bring your own alcohol. Self serve is not permitted, we will serve. Dolce far niente, permit 10168963. The Everly, permit 10168989.

Animals are not permitted.

Bare feet should be the norm. Always remove your shoes & socks before boarding, unless told otherwise. Heels can dent decks, black soles leave scuffmarks, socks are slippery. If touring later in the season when it's colder, shoes may be allowed, but should be soft-soled boat shoes.

Cancellation — depends on when you tell us:

  • More than 3 days before tour: a full refund will be provided.
  • Within 48 to 72 hours before tour: we will issue a 100 percent credit towards another tour.
  • Less than 48 hours before tour: a refund or credit will not be provided.
  • If you are late or don't show up & yacht left without you: no refund or credit will be provided.
  • If we cancel due to weather or some other matter beyond our control, a full refund will be provided.

    Childcare is not offered by the crew.

    Children must be accompanied by an adult.

    Confirmation will be sent at time of booking.

    Crew members should be respected & kept informed, the correct way to deal with any problem is via the crew.

    Dry bags to protect cell phones in case of emergency are available.

    Fees for service and/or cleanup may be charged; e.g., for large groups that require food & drink service, and cleanup.

    Food from our affiliate partners may be ordered through us on public tours. Food from home may be brought onboard on private charters.

    Garbage should never be thrown overboard.

    Gratuity is not included, and customary on yacht tours — a hospitality industry, and should be regarded as a thank you for a job well done, based on the satisfaction level of the entire experience.

    Hotel pick up & drop off are not provided.

    Illicit activities aboard will not be tolerated, for the safety of all guests and crew.

    Life jackets must be worn when the Captain deems it necessary and during weather warnings.

    Music is part of the experience, and we've got playlists. You own playlist can play on a private charter./p>

    Parking is available nearby.

    Phones & keys are often forever lost to the waters when dropped. Save yours, always place them in a pocket or bag before walking onto any dock; and be extra mindful about holding your phone when on the bow of our yacht.

    Reminder will be sent prior to a tour.

    Safety briefings are given before every tour; please listen, we make it fun.

    Weather deemed by Ottawa Yacht Tours as unfavorable before your tour may lead to your booking being altered, modified, rescheduled, or refunded at our discretion.