• Service provided in English, et en français.
  • Always a small group per tour, up to 10 passengers.
  • Weather permitting.

select a tour~~~

compare tours~~~

pick up & drop off~~~

  • across the street from
    895 rue Jacques-Cartier (red marker on map below)
    Gatineau, Quebec

boarding & disembarking~~~

  • Store your cell and keys safely in a pocket or bag before walking onto dock to board yacht, or before disembarking yacht.
  • Footwear must be removed after boarding, unless a medical condition requires footwear.

the ride~~~

  • The tour will not involve speed.
  • The yacht will navigate at a slow pace to help you relax and enjoy the scenery and sights.
  • Stand or sit in the back stern (with the Captain).
  • Sit on the front bow (with the Co-Captain).
  • Dangle your feet over the front bow’s edge while holding onto the railing.

the sights~~~

Sights to be seen (no stops).

For security reasons, sights marked by an * may not be viewed on tours with fireworks.

beverages & food~~~

  • A selection of beverages is included.
  • You may bring your own food/snacks and/or beverages on a tour.
  • The lunch tour includes Ottawa’s best deli sandwiches and platters.
  • Please advise if you have any food intolerance or allergies.

the music~~~

  • Dolce far niente is equipped with a Bluetooth sound system, 7 speakers and a 10″ sub-woofer for full sound.
  • The Captain has several Spotify playlists from which to choose.
  • If a private group, you may connect to the Bluetooth system and listen to your own playlist.
  • Feel free to ask to change music or lower/increase the volume.

health & safety~~~

  • Life jacket available for each passenger, to be worn in emergency only.
  • You may not stand on the back platform at any time during the tour.
  • In case of emergency, stay calm and adhere strictly to the Captain’s commands.
  • Please drink responsibly. Zero tolerance for excessive alcohol consumption.
  • If you feel motion sickness, Gravol is available for free.
  • A first aid kit is on board, and the Captain is trained in CPR and first aid.

child or animal~~~

  • No small child under 6, unless you bring your own life jacket for them.
  • No animal may board, unless a service animal.


  • Full refund if we cancel due to poor weather (tours do not operate in heavy rain / strong wind or gusts of wind) or too few guests.
  • Full refund if you cancel with notice of 72-hours’ or more.
  • 80% refund if you cancel with notice of less than 72 hours.